Thailand Chinese New Year pastries and gifts

Chinese New Year is celebrated by the Chinese community in Thailand even though it is not a public holiday. Instead, the Thai new year, Songkran is celebrated by all in Thailand.

Many people love to visit Thailand during the Chinese New Year (CNY)- especially in Yaowarat (Bangkok Chinatown)- it is crowded, lively and filled with the CNY festive mood. If we are from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc…. ie countries where Chinese New Year is celebrated widely, a lot of business would close for the holidays or the opened business especially restaurant would be very expensive.

Hence over the years, there would be many who come to visit Thailand and during or around CNY hang around places like Chinatown where literally it is opened 24 hours a day. Where the festivities can be felt, and it is business as usual in Thailand. So you would not need to feel bad for staff and workers who have to serve customers during CNY and don’t get to back home….. like we sometimes get if we come from countries that celebrates CNY.

Here are some of the little snippnets of items being on sale which I manage to take a picture to share with you:

Ang pao packet designs

There are nice ang pao packets designs sold in Thailand stores. For the year of the Dragon, example of designs I come across:



Nescafe Gift Design cups

Nescafe has always been creative in their designs. From time to time, they would have creative and interesting cup designs. As advertised in a Lotus brochure, the theme for the cup design is alphabet. It would interest those to purchase Nescafe, usually with a little additional top up…. to get the cup with alphabet that is the initial of their name, nickname or someone/something that means a lot to them.

Note: The cups above were only available from 4 Jan to 24 January (limited time offer) and valid with purchase of Nescafe products.

Compare with a past year design around CNY:

Chinese New Year Nescafe Thailand


Auspicous Chinese pastries:

These pastries are sold throughout the year. They are usually filled with lotus paste filling with or without egg yolk. The design on the box differs from each bakery that is selling the pastry. Below are 2 different designs from 2 different companies (more in this past article):

I always love looking at the different box designs. This makes a good gifts to bring to elders during any auspicious time such as New Year (1st January new year is celebrated in Thailand), Chinese New Year, Thai New Year (Songkran), weddings or birthdays of elders/ parents.


The pricing differs based on the size of the pastry. For example, a bigger piece retails for 100 baht while a smaller (but presentable) piece retails for 35 baht. It kinda taste like mooncakes except the price is very much cheaper compared to a mooncake:

I also noticed during the New Year, bird nest in gift packs also seemed to be a popular gift choice, usually included with the auspicious pastry:


Thai Chinese pastries:

I love the traditional Chinese pastries or snacks (not sure what to call them) such as the ones in the picture below.

In Thailand, these pastries are available at quite a reasonable price. For CNY, I bought a bunch of these to enjoy during the coming CNY.

Herein I would like to wish all celebrants a Happy Chinese New Year. And for those visiting Thailand during the Chinese New Year period (January to February), welcome to Thailand. Be sure to stop at Bangkok Yaowarat to feel the festive mood of CNY with its elaborate street decorations and lots of items to see, shop and eat. It is crowded like 24 hours a day (at certain times the shops would close but the street vendors are still operating).

However the weather in Thailand around February is very hot hence do remember to use sunscreen/ umbrella and drink lots of water.


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