Coffee Stalls in Thailand- where price is cheap and often delicious!

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When visiting Thailand, I always take buy coffee from roadside stalls like this:


Sometimes the coffee or latte taste delicious, sometimes it’s normal. But the price of a small cup of latte cost only between 20 to 35 baht.  Still, it is worth to try out. After I was staying in Thailand for a while and constantly buying from these stalls, I very seldom buy gourmet coffee anymore from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or San Francisco. Not sure why, perhaps I’ve had my fill and realise that buying gourmet coffee from where I stay is a real rip off. Even the coffee from Black Canyon Coffee (gourmet coffee chain in Thailand) is much cheaper than those sold here but still taste just as good.

So the next time you are tired walking and need a caffeine dose, stop by one of those small coffee shops or a roadside stall and help yourself to a cup of inexpensive latte, cappuccino or mocha. Not a coffee drinker? No worries, they would usually have tea, juice and chocolate drinks.

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