Common Thai dishes that goes with rice

I am grateful to food courts like BigC that provides a clear label on their food and dishes – with pronunciation to make it easier for us to order food. Here are some common Thai dishes that goes with rice- hopefully this post will help you when it comes to ordering your favourite dishes in Thailand:

Khao Rad Pla Duk Pad Prig Kang: Stir fried catfish with curry paste

Khao Rad Yam Pla Tu: Rice with spicy fish salad

Khao Rad Pad Prik Kang Noe Mai: Rice with stir fried curry paste bamboo shoots

Khao Rad Pad Pak: Rice with stir fried vegetables.

Khao Rad Pad Ka Pao Kai: Rice with stir fried basil chicken

Khao Rad Pad Krung Nai Kai: Rice with stir fried chicken

Khao Rad Khai Pha Lo: Rice with stewed pork and egg in five spice fragrant soup.

Khao Rad Pad Kra Pao:  Rice with basil stir fried meat

Khao Prig Kang Pla Duk: Rice with chili catfish

Khao Prik Pao Gung/ Muk: Rice with prawns/ squid in chili paste (prik pao= chili paste, gung= prawns, muk= squid).

Khao pad gung/ pu= Fried rice with prawns/ crabs

Khao Pong Ka Reel Krung/ Muk= Rice with fried curry powder prawns/ squid

Khao Moo Tod Ka Theam: Rice with pork stir fried with garlic

Khao Ka Na Moo Krop/ Pra Kem









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