Crafts and artists in Amphawa floating market in Thailand

If you are a crafter or artist at heart, you would like the Amphawa floating market which is located about 1.5 hours from Bangkok in Thailand. The floating market has expanded tremendously over the years….stretching further into the shops and walkways.

It is also a place for artists, crafters and creative entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and to sell, promote or market their products. With the rustic wooden shophouses along the river, it is really an ideal place for creatives to promote their brand and items.


I have written about the artist Vinit Jittana who set up his own gallery in Amphawa floating market. More of the article is available in this post.

Vinit Jittana the artist in Amphawa floating market

Going further out, there is another artist who does live portrait painting:

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

Souvenirs and crafts

Below a crafter could be seen crafting out scented soaps by hand in the shape of flowers. Many tourists stopped by to watch or take pictures. I admire artists or crafters who allow others to watch them work:

Soap making

Below are locally crafted bags and souvenirs:

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

There are small tote bags that cost 4 for 100 baht.

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

Handmade leather products- keychains, wallets, holders and belts:

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

Giraffe shaped craft lights:

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

And fridge magnets, hairclips and keychains that come in local delicacies:

The work is quite detailed ….even though mass produced, the quality of the work is good. And it only cost about 35baht each.

Amphawa is a fishing village and have abundance of seafood available…. see the fried fish is so real looking:

Entrepreneurial brands

I like the entrepreneur and creative spirit of many Thai people. When you visit fairs or floating markets, creative entrepreneurs would be marketing their products there as well:

Amphawa floating market

Scented candles with Lanna designs.

Hats, shirts, stockings and other clothings for pet lovers- the hats, Tshirts, socks comes with a dog motif.

If you would like to visit Amphawa floating market, do note it is only opened on weekends. As the area is very congested, parking is an issue, hence it is better to hire a driver to bring you there. Aside from viewing creative products, you can also eat by the riverside and enjoy some seafood, snacks and various foodstuff and go for a boat ride.

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