Creative and beautiful tile designs

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There are huge warehouse outlets in Thailand such as HomePro, DoHome, Watsadu and Global that sells a wide variety of household items and building materials that you can utilize if you wish to build your own house or perform your own renovation.

You can find almost anything that you need from these companies which occupies a large retail space that takes hours for you to look through. If you are into house improvement and renovation whether as a hobby or profession, going through these stores may provide you with new inspiration.

I have visited DoHome and Global and are amazed at their selection of tiles- colours and variety:

Creative tile designs

Above looked very much like a painting but it is actually a combination of tiles being put together.

Creative tile designs

The advantage of having these tiles as part of the wall design is that they are very easy to maintain and clean.

Creative tile designs

The disadvantage is that if one day you get very tired of looking at the design, it is not easy to get the tiles replaced. You would need to drill through to remove the tiles or put a bigger painting to cover it.

Creative tile designs

As I am always attracted by array of colour and toning, I am very attracted to these crystal tiles of different colours which you can buy and stick on an existing structure to add vibrancy or variety to the wall or structure.

Creative tile designs Creative tile designs

You can add these to the border of tiles to create a simple border or pattern effect on the walls.

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