Creative Thai planners- price as low as 30 baht

Aside from calendars, the planners in Thailand comes in various designs. I was able to get my hands to a copy of it recently from a B2S bookstore. I got the one in purple below which cost me only 30 baht (less than USD1). It usually cost about 50 baht if I am not mistaken but as it is after the new year, I guess the price has gone down.

I have written a more detailed post with how the page spreads look like, and ideas on how to use the pages. The book is A5 in size but for those who wish to write more, similar design also come in A4 size but only in a single design (scroll down the page below to view).

My plan is to use the creative planner more to track and list down some items related to my blogs and YouTube channel.

Below are more professional looking ones, also compact size which can easily fit into a carry on bag. Of course, if one were the purchase the organizers and diaries, it also come with monthly spread. Most of the diaries are now undated.

When I was in corporate, I previously had one with the design below (mine was golden colour) because it would not look proper if we use one of the pastel ones in the office during meetings with other managers looking at us.

Below are planners with the A4 size. Actually the one of the left is a monthly spread planner.

Whereas the one on the right…. quite interesting. I did not manage to take a proper look to know what it is but this is the first time I have seen this, perhaps what to do and not to do on certain dates.


Quite interesting because the calendar I bought this year is also the same, it looked very much like a feng shui calendar with guide on auspicious and inauspicious activities to do each day (similar to Joey Yap and Lilian Too calendars):

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