Cute Stationery, Gifts and Planner Shops in Bangkok

There are many small gift and stationery shops located in Thailand that is a real inspiration to visit. One such shop is known as Say Hi 20, a small shop tucked in busy backlane filled with shops near Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok (it is the lane located behind Diamond Pharmacy).

Below are post it and sticky notes that comes in very cute designs:

These items are sold relatively inexpensive compared to more popular stationery and bookstores located in shopping complex.

Tried taking at a few angles because I enjoy looking at these items.

More sticky notes and page markers which is popular with students and even adults who love to decorate our planners, journal and diaries:

These are the thin planners they they sell. Yes the photo was taken a few years ago hence it was the planner design for year 2020:

There are a variety of soft toys. Unicorns were trending at one time and almost all gift shops have unicorn soft toys.


There are also many type of items that really can make someone spend a long time in the store even though the size of the shop is actually small. Below is nail art stickers together with nail polish:

There are face masks being sold which comes in creative packaging.

Cannot resist taking the picture below. I am not sure who would dare be seen in a face mask such as this:


The shop is located in a street near Siriraj Hospital, the main hospital in Bangkok.  I have found an unofficial Facebook page (not sure if it is really started by the shop or not) but the pictures is same as the shop that I have visited. You may check out the FB page and if you are interested,  I would also include the contact details which I manage to snap a photo of in my last visit.

Facebook page:
Tel: 085-1411284, 0851727590

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