Daiso Thailand- items at 60 baht each

Daiso is a store that sells various items at 60 baht each. Most of the Daiso stores and outlets are located within shopping malls like Central.

Daiso Thailand store

There are a lot of small gift items that you can choose via Daiso. The products are still mass produced in order to be able to cater for competitive pricing of just 60 baht. Still, the quality such as the finishing and the design may be worth the price.

Sometimes you can find quite useful items in Daiso. For example, toiletries bags- transparent water proof bags to store your toiletries during travel. It is relatively inexpensive. There are also tote bags that you can use for more casual outings such as buying groceries or going to the local market:

Daiso Thailand store

They also have comfortable slippers that you can use at home.

There are some items that cost more than 60 baht though…. for example certain products from Wacoal Thailand:

Daiso Thailand store

Daiso Thailand store

Above are a number of plastic container products to store food as well as infant food.

Daiso Thailand store

There are children’s toys, hoodies and caps ….quite cheap at 60 baht.

Daiso Thailand store

The store also sells classic Japanese dolls – dressed in traditional Japanese custome.

Daiso Thailand store

And more selection of gift items and stationery.

Over the years, I have purchased a number of items from Daiso which I have found to be very useful such as a recycle bag which I have used for years as my laundry bag, nets of various sizes to be used for my clothes in washing machine, shampoo visor, gifts, folder bags to hold my papers, various type of notebooks, a counter, organizational products like plastic trays and containers to organize my items.

Generally their items are durable and for 60 baht each it is relatively inexpensive.

You may find the location of the Daiso outlets in Thailand and the phone numbers in this post.


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