Daiso Thailand- cute stationeries, organizational tools and everyday knick knacks

Daiso has always been one of my favourite stores to visit. In Daiso, you can selection of all kinds of items ranging from stationery, kitchenware, laundry items, food and drinks from Japan, decorations, gifts, soft toys, party items, stickers, gardening….anything and everything that can enhance or come in handy.

In Thailand, most items in Daiso are sold for 60 baht each. But there are also certain items which cost more such as 100 baht due to the cost in which they would place a clear label to notify the price.

Above is one of the larger outlets located in Paseo. We had a brief stopover at Paseo and I took the chance to make a visit to Daiso to purchase some items that I may need. They have aisle labels both in Thai and English language.

Stationery in Daiso

I love stationery. If I go into a shopping complex, you would usually find me in a shop like Daiso or bookshops like B2S and SE-ED. Or in the stationery section of Lotus or BigC. Just love these section. In Daiso, you can find cute stationeries like sticky notes, washi tapes, stickers, clips and notebooks.

The selection changes through time and from store to store. And new selection of items are often added frequently so I do enjoy to go and check out new things.

Cannot resist taking pictures from their stationery items.

One of the things I like about Daiso is that they also provide solutions to every day problems for example items that help in organization. Many stores will sell cord tags that help us organize the wires. But if we see the packet sold in Daiso below, they actually have label in different colours on different types of cord tags. For example, there are cord tag for computer, speakers, router, computer. If we need to store away electrical items, we can label the cords so it is easier to know which cord is for which item. There are also loops and hooks that help loop our cables.

I used to purchase a lot of storage items from Daiso in the past. I like their transparent containers like below to use to organize my items as I am able to see through the items I have available. It is useful to store kitchen knick knacks and also items in the fridge.

I have been look for a water bottle of about 300ml which I can easily tuck into my bag. When I visit the store, I found one that comes in a nice design and have my favourite colour. As well as a large laundry net.

Daiso also have a gardening and home deco section. If course if you are doing an entire home makeover, buying items individually for 60 baht each would be too expensive. You would be better off getting items from stores such as HomePro and DoHome. But for small areas and experimental projects, you can try out getting items from Daiso.


In case you are interested, I actually wrote a number of articles in another blog about Daiso in Malaysia. Feel free to check these articles out.

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