Delicious coconut cream chiffon cakes (BB Bakery)

In Thailand, you can find an interesting variety of cakes and if you know where the search, the taste is comparable with well known bakeries in the West but you only need to pay a fraction of the price. Sometimes local ingredients are being used to add in a unique flavour that is hard to find anywhere else.

In a small town of Ban Phaeo located in Samut Sakhon, coconuts are being grown commercially and distributed all over Thailand. As coconuts are available in abundance, it is often turned into desserts like coconut ice cream (where coconut flavour ice cream is placed inside the cut coconut- hence you get to eat the flesh and the ice cream at the same time) and below, chiffon cake with coconut cream:

Sponge cake with coconut cream

For me personally, I do not fancy cakes with a lot of cream like blueberry cheese, blackforest, etc. I tend to like cakes that are ‘lighter’. One of the cakes I like is the simple chiffon cake made by this bakery with coconut cream. You may be able to find these cakes being sold at OTOP centers.

Sponge cake with coconut cream

They come in the sandwich shape and wrapped in 2 layers- one layer of paper and another plastic layer. There are several flavors available for the chiffon cake and my favourite are the pandan and the chocolate. Below is the pandan flavour which you can see in the middle is covered in cream with coconut slices.

Sponge cake with coconut cream

Aside from that, we also like the cakes from the B&B Bakery that comes in a box of 6 pieces of cake as per below:

B & B bakery cakes

The cakes come in 5 flavours: Coffee, pandan, vanila, orange and blueberry. The cream is the same but the chiffon cake itself is flavoured. The above is blueberry flavoured while below is the pandan flavoured. One box cost 55 baht.

B & B bakery cakes

The main shop is located at the same road as the Ban Phaeo government hospital.  You are able to go into the bakery to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee together with other varieties of cakes, brownies and cookies in quite a nice ambiance.

B&B Bakery
Facebook page:
19/9 ม.11 ถนน บ้านแพ้ว – พระประโทน หลักสาม บ้านแพ้ว
74120 Amphoe Ban Phaeo
Tel: 081 428 7949

The bakery is opened daily from 8am to 7pm including Sundays.

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