Delicious kway chap in Bangkok Chinatown (Nai Eik Roll Noodle)

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If you are visiting Bangkok’s Yaowarat (Chinatown), there is shop there that is most famous for their kway chap called Nai Eik Roll Noodle. They are also famous for their crispy pork, char siu and braised pork that goes with the kway chap noodles or served with rice.

I have been to the shop a number of times within the last 10 years or so. The photo above was taken few years ago on a rainy day at Bangkok Chinatown and shows a good look of the stop from the front.

Nak Eik Noodles is opened from about 9am to 12am. It is especially packed during lunch and dinner time and especially even more so during weekends and public holidays. The photo below was taken on a public holiday around 8pm where both tourists and locals had to queue up by the roadside to wait to be seated for food and order.

Bangkok Chinatown Yaowarat famous kway chap Nak Eik noodles

Their recommended dishes are deep fried crispy pork, pork spareribs stew and braised pork rump which can be served along the kway chap or with rice. Actually I am not a person who like eating siu yok (deep fried crispy pork)….. but even I find their crispy pork delicious. I have no idea how they did it because sometimes when I eat it a few hours later via takeaway, the pork is still crispy.

Bangkok Chinatown Yaowarat famous kway chap Nak Eik noodles

The shop is a corner shop and the worker would be busy cutting up the crispy pork or other dishes as requested by the customers.

Bangkok Chinatown Yaowarat famous kway chap Nak Eik noodles

When I first visited this shop more than 10 years ago during lunch time, I remember wondering why the shop was so packed with customers even though it serves what is considered a limited amount of choices.

Bangkok Chinatown Yaowarat famous kway chap Nak Eik noodles

Like you have the crispy pork, its entrails, pork knuckles with accompanying vegetable dishes. Yet if you go during peak time, you would most likely need to wait in order to be seated. Over time, I realized that all they need is a few star dishes- the delicious crispy pork that can go with rice or kway chap noodles (similar to koay teow but are rolled in shape). And the kway chap soup is rich…. very peppery and a lot of materials (mainly pork meat, entrails) that goes into making the soup. If you buy koay chap from other shops or in food courts, it never taste the same as with this shop.

Bangkok Chinatown Yaowarat famous kway chap Nak Eik noodles

However, even though most Thais, and definitely the Malaysian and Singaporeans love the kuay chap especially with crispy pork from this store, a few Thai friends of mine do find the pepper soup a little too strong. Do give it a try and see….

But one thing though…. I remember at one time when I was in the shop, I saw 2 Western tourists at the shop not looking too happy with the food. I would make a guess that they do not eat meat because I saw they only had vegetable dishes without any meat.  Do take note that this shop is really not for vegetarians because the gravy that goes with the vegetables would be cooked using pork based soup and sauce.

Nai Eik Roll Noodle’s Menu: 

You may click on the menu to enlarge it.  Their menu is simple… only 2 pages

Bangkok Chinatown Yaowarat famous kway chap Nak Eik noodles Menu

Below is back of the menu:

Bangkok Chinatown Yaowarat famous kway chap Nak Eik noodles Menu

The menu comes in multi language- Thai, Chinese and English that makes it easy to order. When I first came I had to point at the dish for them to cut for me as that time they did not have the menu yet. If you have Asian older folks travelling with you, most likely they would love this especially if they are from Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore.

Address and contact number of Nai Ek Roll Noodle Shop in Yaowarat:

Nai Ek Roll Noodle
442, Soi 9, Yaowarat Road
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +6622264651 (if call from overseas)
02-2264651 (if call from a Thai registered line)


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