Delicious Sushi you can find all around Thailand

Sometimes I am blown away by not only the affordable pricing, but the delicious taste of food that are available in Thailand. If one knows where to look, one can find mouthwatering food and cuisine that usually requires a high price.

One that I recently discover is sushi. There are shops that specializes in selling just sushi and enjoying brisk business. The sushi are prepared fresh daily, loaded with ingredients and cost only 20 baht each!

This store is located along Rama 2 highway at a petrol kiosk (in Thailand, 7 Eleven, Amazon, fast food outlets and various eateries are set up within the same area as petrol stations). It is convenient because unlike in the city shops where parking is difficult, along petrol station there are ample parking space available. One can refuel one’s vehicle, drop by to visit the clean washrooms before going into these stores to get something to eat.

In Thailand, taste is very important and one can maintain a consistent quality in taste with affordable pricing, customers would find your store. Such is with this sushi store which enjoys brisk business due to the freshness and consistent quality.

Aside from sushi speciality stores, you can also find sushi being sold in 7 Eleven and food courts of Tesco, BigC and Central….and even in local markets. However, there is a difference in the taste and often the taste is what keeps customers from coming back. After discovering the delicious sushi from this store, we would stop by almost each time we drive past the area.

Below are sushi that are sold in food courts in Thailand:

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