Do and Don’ts When Visiting Thailand

The simple guidelines below is taken from an old information board issued by the Tourist Authority of Thailand, pertaining the do and don’ts. These guidelines are similar in most Asia countries:

Do and Don'ts in Thailand- display polite behaviour

Do display polite behavior in places of worship

Do and don'ts in Thailand- do not climb on Buddha images for photo taking

Don’t climb upon the Buddha image to take a photograph or do anything that might show a lack of respect

Do and don'ts in Thailand- dress politely

Do dress politely in public places.

Do and don't in Thailand- dress politely

Don’t go shirtless, or in shorts, hot pants, or other unsuitable attire inside the temple.

Do and don't in Thailand- do not wear shoes in temple shrine halls

Do wear shoes while walking around the compound of a Buddhist temple but don’t wear them inside the chapel where the principal Buddha image is kept.

Do and don'ts in Thailand- avoid public display of affection

Don’t display affection for any other person in public. It is frowned upon in the Thai society. You may hold hands, but that’s as far as it goes in polite society.

Do and Don'ts in Thailand- wai gesture of greeting

Do ‘wai’ when greeting another person. Generally, a younger person was an elder, who returns it the same gesture.

 Do and Don'ts in Thailand- no touching a person's head

Don’t touch the head of another person, even in a friendly gesture. Thais regard the head as the highest part of the body both literally and figuratively. It’s considered rude to point your foot at a person. Don’t point your foot to show anything to anyone, but use your finger instead.

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