Don Wai’s famous stewed duck shop

Don Wai Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำดอนหวาย) is quite a well known floating markets among locals located at Nakhon Pathom province. When you go there, it is not exactly a floating market but it is a market located next to the river.

Update: The last time I visited the store, a young man who could speak good English took the order from us. Makes it easy to order our dishes. 

Tucked within the floating market, you can find a shop specialising in the sale of stewed duck which is a favourite among locals:

Don Wai floating market stewed duck

The stewed ducks are served with rice, noodles or just eaten as it is:

You need to walk a short distance into the market and after you round the corner, you would see a shop with the huge posters.

Don Wai's famous stewed store

Don Wai's famous stewed store

The posters include pictures that the owner have taken with Thai’s famous comedians and celebrities.

Don Wai's famous stewed store

We arrived at Don Wai around 4pm and it was one of the last packet of duck meat left. The duck meat comes with a gravy sauce.

My Singaporean friends who tried the duck meat commented that it is really delicious. Usually the duck meat sold in Malaysia and Singapore have a kind of taste which not many people like. But the one sold in Don Wai floating market does not have any unpleasant taste.

Update July 2019:

We went to the store again…. this time we went earlier and on a weekday and the duck meat were still available:

Don Wai famous stewed duck

Don Wai floating market famous stewed duck



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