Erasable pen as low as 49 baht in Thailand

Yes I must admit… Since I am introduced to erasable pens, I absolutely love them. Erasable pen is very useful to help you plan especially:

  • If you are still a pen and paper person (ie you think better with a notebook and a pen than with apps or online tools
  • You tend to make a lot of changes to your schedule and planner but do not like to use pencil.

Because of both the above, it may cause some procrastination in using your planner, notebook or organizer effectively.

Enter erasable pens which can help solve your dilemma. Erasable pens are essentially pens with inks that you are able to erase, just like what you could do with a pencil.

I have been hooked on erasable pens for a few years how. Except for official documentation, I love to use erasable pen to write in notebook, planner or calendar.

In the market, the Pilot Frixion pens is the popular erasable pens available worldwide. In Thailand, I am not sure why the Pilot Frixion pens (sold in B2S bookstore) cost double the price of what I had to pay in Malaysia. Already in Malaysia the price of RM6.90 is a little steep. The ones sold here is about 135 baht.

Therefore you cannot imagine how happy I felt to see bookshops and hypermarket started carrying cheaper brands of erasable pens.

Below are from SE-ED bookstore where I got two erasable pens (blue ink) for 85 baht:

My experience with the bookstore was quite interesting. Actually most people here would assume I am a Thai Chinese. I went into the branch to ask in Thai if they sell erasable pen. I had thought my Thai was quite good. The staff there answered me in English, so obviously he knew I am foreigner, haha. Needless to say, the moment I find someone that could speak English I ended up asking more questions about some other items that I had been looking for.

Erasable pens are also sold in Lotus in the stationery section for 49 baht:

After getting my erasable pens from SE-Ed, I use it for my calendar, writing in my Blog Progress Journal and personal journal.

Well, hope this post is useful to you if you are a fan of erasable pens like me. Surprisingly many of my Thai friends are not aware of the existence of the erasable pen, ie a pen where you can erase off after writing.

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