Famous toasted buns from Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat)

Bangkok Chinatown, also known to locals as Yaowarat is packed with both locals and tourists literally the entire day. At night when it is much cooler, more roadside stalls open and the place literally comes alive.

There is a particular roadside stall that is very well known for its toasted buns or bread. Well, you would likely not miss the stall because it is where you see most people queuing up to buy the bread:

Bangkok Chinatown famous toasted bread

The queue is usually very long. But if you have come so far, it is worthwhile to wait to try the bread to see why people just love the bread so much.

There are a few flavours like condensed milk, kaya, chocolate, tea, strawberry, nut, marmalade and pineapple. We bought about 2 boxes of the bread consisting of condensed milk, chocolate, kaya and tea flavour. One of the boxes is pictured below:

Bangkok Chinatown famous toasted bread

The stall is famous because the crunchy toasted bread or bun with the generous and delicious filling makes it very delicious. You can see from the picture above that each bun carries a generous amount of filling.

But one thing though…. you must eat it FRESH. That is like as soon as you buy it.

Then it is delicious. Once you leave it overnight, the buns no longer taste nice. It would start to harden like rubber and it is hard to heat it up because the fillings would just spill out and soak the entire bread.

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