Favorable colors based on your DAY of birth

The following information is obtained from a book written in Thailand. In Thailand, a lot of emphasis is placed on the day of birth (ie Monday, Tuesday, etc).

Below is favourable and not so good colours based on the day of the week that you are born in. I would not be surprised that you may find your favourite color(s) listed under the colours you should avoid based on the day of your birth or view the video below in my YouTube channel:


Good colors/ colours:
1. Success: Cream, grey
2. Good luck: Pink
3. Power: Black & blue
4. People help: White

Colors to Avoid
1. Arguments/ conflict: Purple, orange, yellow
2. Health ailments: Red, orange
3. Danger: Green


Good colors/ colours:
1. Success: Black & blue
2. Good luck: Green
3. Power: Red
4. People help: Pink

Colors to Avoid
1. Arguments/ conflict: Cream, grey
2. Health ailments: White
3. Danger: Purple, orange, yellow


Good colors/ colours:
1. Success: Red
2. Good luck: Purple, orange, yellow
3. Power: White
4. People help: Green

Colors to Avoid
1. Arguments/ conflict: Black & blue
2. Health ailments: Pink
3. Danger: Cream, grey


Good colors/ colours:
1. Success: White
2. Good luck: Cream, grey
3. Power: Pink
4. People help: Purple, orange, yellow

Colors to Avoid
1. Arguments/ conflict: Red
2. Health ailments: Green
3. Danger: Black & blue


Good colors/ colours:
1. Success: Pink
2. Good luck: Black & blue
3. Power: Green
4. People help: Cream, grey

Colors to Avoid
1. Arguments/ conflict: White
2. Health ailments: Purple, orange, yellow
3. Danger: Red


Good colors/ colours:
1. Success: Green
2. Good luck: Red
3. Power: Purple, orange, yellow
4. People help: Black & blue

Colors to Avoid
1. Arguments/ conflict: Pink
2. Health ailments: Cream, grey
3. Danger: White


Good colors/ colours:
1. Success: Purple, orange, yellow
2. Good luck: White
3. Power: Cream, grey
4. People help: Red

Colors to Avoid
1. Arguments/ conflict: Green
2. Health ailments: Black & blue
3. Danger: Pink

Definition of day of birth: 

On the day that you were born, what day was it? Sunday? Monday? Etc? It is now very easy… just google “what day is dd mm yy” and Google would instantly display the answer.

My experience

I find this chart to quite uncanny. That is why I decided to post it in this blog. I am actually born on a Monday and my favourite colour is actually purple and its shades. It is quite funny that we seemed to be attracted to colours that are not so good for us, for example buying car in colour we should avoid.

I actually like purple so much that I had many working attire in purple colours. For people born in Monday, purple increases argument. In fact, at one time I had thought of wearing purple to work on each workday and I even had shoes to match.

And I always find myself getting into conflict and arguments with people. That time was a real stressful period. When I discovered about this colour, I FORCED myself to stop wearing purple. Instead I started wearing blue (a colour that I had disliked). Maybe it is psychology but somehow the situation did improve.

My car is actually green in colour. It is so badly dented….left right and center. I would be minding my own business and parking my car properly in a parking lot, only to find it dented when I went to retrieve my car. I had a motorcyclist rammed into my car once. After spending money to get it fixed, somehow the car would get dented again. In the end, I just leave my car as it is, dented and all.

Should I rely on this?

Honestly I do not think we should allow external things to dictate or give us a lot of fear.

Some people may be in a profession where they are required to wear uniform of a certain colour, which if they refer to the chart is not favourable to them. For example, a person may be born on a Friday but is a paramedic or nurse which the uniform is often in white colour. Then what should they do?

I always believe that most important thing is the underlying intention in all that we do. If we meant no ill will towards others, we should be able to rise above any challenges. After all, if by controlling external situation then we can dictate our luck or destiny, then the rich and powerful would always be lucky, free from illness and continue to prosper, rite?

But we all know that is not the case. All the money in the world cannot cure someone from cancer nor guarantee that a person can live till old age. This is just the way life is, that there are many factors out of our control.

But if it is a situation that we have control in, there is no harm giving it a try. For example if you are going for a job interview, select an attire that is in favourable colour for you and that you feel comfortable wearing.


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