Fire Bear Bubble Tea in Thailand- delicious and affordable

There are many different brands selling bubble tea in Thailand. The next time you are confused with which brand that tastes nice, I would recommend the Fire Bear brand.

Fire Bear is one of the brand of bubble tea franchise in Thailand. The pricing of one cup of bubble tea starts from 25 baht (without using the torch fire) which is affordable from students to adults.

The Fire Bear tea menu:

The usual cup costs 25 baht without the fire.

  • Daddy Bear (premium milk tea) (60 baht)
  • Mommy Bear (White Malt) (55 baht)
  • Fire Bear Matcha Green Tea Latte (45 baht)
  • Fire Bear Hokkaido Milk (45 baht)
  • Fire Bear Dark Cocoa (45 baht)
  • Fire Bear Thai Milk Tea (45 baht)

We usually order the 25 baht which have option to add whipped cream. It is really cheaper than what I used to pay for and it is real value for money.

In terms of taste, the bubble tea usually is delicious. The tapioca pearls taste quite consistent from different stores and are generally well made. However, as with franchise and store outlets, some stores tend to taste more delicious than others. You would need to try out to see if it is delicious and if not, then move on to the new outlet (just like stores of Amazon coffee and Mikucha are the same, generally they taste similar but there are some exceptional ones, as well as some that taste not so good).

I do notice that after adding whipped cream, the taste become very rich.  I find it can  overshadow the taste of the tea, which if you go for the tea taste, you may not find it suitable. However, it is still delicious as it similar to ice blended coffee with whipped cream, except now it is catered for those who love tea with tapioca pearls.

There are many Fire Bear outlets- in fact near the area I stay there are easily 2 stores not far from each other. We tried from both stores – one is not so delicious, while the other store is delicious. And we stick to the store that is delicious. You can identify a Fire Bear bubble tea shop by its signature golden bear head located in front of the store:

Bubble tea is actually a drink that is high in calories, and plus whipped cream, well it is a double whammy. However for those who are physically active, it is okay to indulge in it once a while, just that not on frequent basis. Sometimes when we celebrate little victories or which to destress, we would usually buy the Fire Bear bubble tea.

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