Food fair of local and foreign delicacies in Central Plaza

Often when I visit any Central departmental store, I would come across a food fair which features a wide array of mouth watering food available. The food selection is really tempting. I have heard that Central Plaza has a filtering process….they don’t just allow any vendors to operate stalls in their fares to maintain their reputation. Even the staff that they hire to cook at the food court must pass certain tests and can cook well.

These food fairs would usually be located at the same floor not far from the food court. Below are photos of a few food fairs taken during separate trips to Central:

Central Plaza food fair

Central Plaza food fair

Above: Luk chin or pork balls. It is generally smaller and taste a little different from the ones you find in your Thai noodle soup. Dipping sauce is provided.

Central Plaza food fair

Above: A type of Thai curry

Hence when you visit a Central departmental store for a meal, do walk around to see if there is a food fair where you can buy tidbits or dishes that you would like to try. Few times I realized there is a food fair going on only after I had a full lunch.

Central Plaza food fair

Above: I love these traditional biscuits. There are different colours and each one has a different filling. Only for 10 baht each. In the Chinese tradition, similar ingredients is used to make the “kah lui peng” which is distributed by the bride’s family to friends and relatives together with the wedding dinner invitation card. Those biscuits are few times the price of the above.

Central Plaza food fair Above: Colourful jellies of various flavours

Central Plaza food fair

Above: I love this food. Yep, it is sinful and very fattening. A choice of either nachos or large fries in generous serving of cheese. So sinful…..but it is really as delicious as it looks….

Central Plaza food fair

Even though there is no food fair, you can always find a good variety and selection at their food court.  Alternatively you can eat in a restaurant, bistro or cafe which happened to have the food selection that you like. The prices for Western food is cheaper than what you would find in your home country.

I could see more and more Thai families and workers like to come to shopping complex to have their food because of the air conditioned environment, ease of parking, elderly and disabled friendly premise and shopping.

The parking in Central departmental stores are free but my advice is to go early like right before it opens at 10am. During lunch time on weekdays or anytime during weekends/ public holidays, the parking may be full especially for Central located in town areas.

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