Foremost Yummy milk- delicious even for non milk lovers

If you wish to drink more milk but are turned off by the milky taste, you can try the Foremost Yummy brand of fresh milk. You can find these milk being sold at all 7 Eleven or CJ stores. They come in low fat, full cream, chocolate and strawberry flavours.

Foremost yummy milk

I known of some older folks in Thailand who dislike drinking milk because of the typical milky taste of most diary milk. But as they got older and osteoporosis starts to set in, the doctors would advice them to take more milk. They may not drink other milk, but they would drink the Foremost Yummy milk.

Usually we get the full cream milk but in the last few months, a lot of 7 Eleven stores do not stock them. If we wish to get the full cream version, we often need to go to Tesco or BigC to find them.

Personally, I am not a fan of milk except when it is added to my coffee and tea which I do from time to time when we stock up on the milk.

If you love to drink milk, give this brand a try and tell us what you think.

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