Garlic and onions from Thailand- unusual souvenir to consider buying

The garlic from Thailand really taste more fragrant compared to the garlic that are imported from China. I am not joking…. some of my Malaysian and Singaporean friends who visit Thailand actually buy back the garlic and onions that are grown from Thailand. It makes a good gift for those who love to cook.

Thai garlic and onions are more fragrant

Garlic from Thailand

Garlic from Thailand

It started when a friend who loved the garlic and onion bought back some to distribute to her friends and neighbors. At first, the recipients thought nothing of it until they started to use the onion and garlic to cook…. the fragrant of onion and garlic enhances the taste of the food so much better.

They started asking if she could buy back for them on her next trip to Thailand. You can actually get the Thai garlic and small red onions from any local wet market.

What you can do with Thai garlic- as toppings and condiment to your dishes:

First, we would peel the skin off the garlic:

Garlic from Thailand

I wish to add that these small garlics are really a challenge to peel. They are small and more smarting to the hands when you are in contact of them for long.

After you peel of the skin, then you can cut into small minute pieces and then deep fry them:

Garlic from Thailand- deep fry

After you deep fry them, let the garlic cool down before putting in a container:

Garlic from Thailand- deep fried

The deep fried garlic makes a delicious topping to most dishes like porridge, noodle soup, vegetable and meat dishes.

Thailand Noodle soup homemade

Just sprinkle some garlic flakes and the entire dish would actually taste more delicious.

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