Halloween Decoration Supplies in Thailand

While Halloween is a known festival which is widely celebrated in the West, it is not a really widely celebrated in Thailand. I noticed shopping complexes would not do elaborate decorations featuring the popular Halloween themes like ghouls, witches, pumpkins, bats, etc. The individual stores also do not seemed to have much of the decorations.

Stores like Daiso, Watts, B2S (bookstore) do sell Halloween decorations but the choices are limited. I am amazed when I walk up to the Central Department at the gifts section which seemed to be the only floor selling the decorations.

Halloween deco in Central Shopping complex

However, the choices are quite good. You can see from the photos there are a larger variety of decorations available.

Everything from pillows, toys, robes, masks, hanging ghosts, bats, spiderwebs, witches hat, stickers, keychains…..

Halloween deco in Central Shopping complex

And even costumes are being sold as well:

Halloween deco in Central Shopping complex


Halloween deco in Central Shopping complex

They even sell female pantyhose with red scratch marks as if it was sew together.

These decorations are nice to look at but I would not advice you to fill up your home or office with these items. For office I know sometimes there is no choice because your boss may make it compulsory. But try walking around the office late at night at the section where your colleagues have decorated with Halloween decors extensively. The environment really feels different…. actually errie. Compare it during normal time without these decorations or when it is filled with cheerful festive decorations like Christmas, New Year or Chinese New Year.

Halloween deco in Central Shopping complex

Still, well, if it is compulsory, then you can try to visit the floor in Central department store where they sell gifts. Another place is the toy suppliers located in Sampeng (not far from Yaowarat Chinatown). I have seen a shop with extensive Halloween decos even though it was no way near Halloween when I visited then.

Note: If you are buying Halloween decoration off the season, there is a shop located in Sampeng (Soi Sanit 1) that sells Halloween and other customes all year round.

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