Hokkaido Bread- 20 baht bread with fillings in BigC and Lotus

At certain BigC and Tesco outlets as you walk in, you may see a small stall selling freshly made bread for mostly 20baht each. The store is known as ปังฮอกไกโด (read as Bang Hokkaido) or translated as Hokkaido bread (bang is short form for ขนมปัง khanom-bang which means bread in Thai language).

Bread 20 baht ปังฮอกไกโด

We have purchased the bread a few times and find the bread to be freshly made. There are lots of fillings types available such as meat floss, ham, sausage, coconut, custard, chocolate, potato, taro, pandan, etc:

Bread 20 baht ปังฮอกไกโด


Bread 20 baht ปังฮอกไกโด

They also have plain raisin breads and other items such as cakes and other types of bread. But their main type of bread is the type that comes with different fillings….and each one is 20 baht.

Bread 20 baht ปังฮอกไกโด

When I purchased bread from their stall, they do not have writeup in English which I was able to refer to. Even the flavour labels are in Thai language but it helps to have pictures of the items, ie a coconut picture to show it is coconut fillings.

There is a very famous bread stall located in Yaowarat (Bangkok’s Chinatown) where people literally queue up to buy their bread. The bread from Yaowarat is delicious provided you eat it fresh- after a few hours or the next day, it no longer taste nice. Whereas this bread may not taste like the freshly made Yaowarat bread but it is still soft and nice the next day.

You can check out Hokkaido Bread’s Facebook page as follows:


The Facebook page, even though is in Thai language contains videos on the distribution of the bread and various photos.

Contact number: 0834949598


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