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I like that one is able to change a concept of a place through the usage of tiles. Tiles with creative designs can be part of the interior decoration aside from getting a painting. Tiles are easy to clean and they are durable. If you visit large DIY and building materials supplier like HomePro, you would be able to find selection of tiles like these:

HomePro tiles

For example, if you are building a nursery, or construction a bathroom for your kids, instead of using just plain tiles, you can buy specific design tiles and patch them together, almost like a square jigsaw puzzle.

HomePro tiles

There are also tiles that consist of scenery or feng shui that can be fitted as part of the wall tiles fixtures rather than purchased separately as a painting. The running horses and koi fishes which you sometimes find in the office of Chinese bosses- well, a similar tile structure can be fitted strategically in room.

HomePro tiles

While you are constructing your kitchen and deciding on the tiles to use, you can also choose to spice up with kitchen or cooking themed tiles. Tiles with pictures of chefs cooking would look good in a restaurant.

HomePro tiles

For those who love gardening, they can have garden themed tiles that when put together combines into one complete picture.

HomePro tiles

You can also find similar tile designs in large furnishing and DIY warehouses like DoHome, Global and Thai Watsadu.



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