HomePro Thailand- supplies for home building, renovation, DIY, furnishing, electrical

If you are into building, home improvement projects such as fixing things around the house, doing renovations, starting your DIY projects, gardening… you can find almost all the supplies you need from huge warehouse stores like HomePro.

Even if you are the normal consumer who is looking to purchase household items such as furniture, electrical and cleaning products, you would be amazed at what you would be able to find from HomePro as well.

HomePro Thailand

Actually I find it quite amazing that in Thailand…. there are actually a few brands of such stores that sells a real huge selection of items that consist of HomePro, Global, Thai Watsadu and DoHome. If you think IKEA is huge, wait till you walk into one of these stalls with huge areas. You can easily spend hours here and if you are a avid DIY fan, visiting such outlets would probably be your hobby.

Items for the consumer

HomePro Thailand- furniture

HomePro sells all sorts of furnishing products such as dining sets, book shelves, sofa, beds and other furnishing.

HomePro Thailand- bedroom

Above: There are beds, mattress, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, curtains for doors and windows, rods and other fixture items.

HomePro Thailand- lighting

If you wish to buy decorative lights, you can also find a huge selection from HomePro as per above. They also sells a variety of electrical items like TV, washing machine, microwave ovens, etc.

HomePro Thailand- household items

Aside from that, the usual household items such as plates, tea sets, organizing products like baskets, shelving, etc are largely available.

HomePro Thailand cleaning products

You can also view a huge selection of cleaning products from here. Example for mops, there are various types and brands to choose from depending on your preference.

DIY, home renovation and home improvement

HomePro Thailand- diy projects, drills


If you are into DIY products and DIY home renovation, you would need to get hold of your equipment supply such as drill sets which you can find a number of brands being sold here.

HomePro Thailand= bathroom

If you are remodelling your home, then you can choose tiles, bathtub, sink, doors from here. Often those who are knowledgeable would select the items and design that they want and hire contractors or workers to do it for them. You can choose what type of grill designs or doors that you want.

HomePro Thailand- building materials

If you are looking to build something from scratch, you can get all your materials including huge selection of tiles, raw materials (like concrete), grill doors, wires, pipes from HomePro.

HomePro Thailand- fixtures, keys

They have aisle of different available door knobs, locks, fixtures that you can use. You can find different shower heads, sink pipes, railings to fit into the design of the home that you want. There are different price ranges based on the brand, quality and design.

HomePro Thailand pipes. rails

Below is quite interesting- these are basically doors which you can use to build your own cabinets be it kitchen cabinets or storage compartments:

HomePro Thailand- doors

You can see below for example how the door is being used as a build in kitchen storage compartment:

Places like HomePro, Thai Watsadu, Global and DoHome enable almost everything you need for building your home or furnishing your home to be available in one place.

One thing though, if you visit HomePro, it is better if you are knowledgeable in the items and projects that you wish to buy. This is because HomePro tends to lease out space to companies and then there would be staff stationed in the area to sell the products from the company. Sometimes they would push a product to you even though it is not what you need. If you do not know well what you need, well, you may actually end up buying items that you do not need.

HomePro would also usually lease out their retail space (before their stall entrance) to retailers such as dining outlets,  bookstores, etc. The outlet I went have a restaurant to eat steamboat, a bookstore and Amazon cafe and a few small stalls selling souvenir items.

It enables accompanying family members who may have  no interest visiting HomePro to be able to hang out and somewhere else for example to order a nice cup of coffee while waiting.  The day I went I also I saw a student was at the bookstore to buy stationeries and a textbook- perhaps her parents are browsing at the items in HomePro.

HomePro’s official contact details:

HomePro Thailand English website: https://www.homepro.co.th/homePro/en/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/homeprothailand
Customer Service Telephone number: 1284 (Everydays 24hrs)


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