How to read Thai vowels- with writing and video

Thai language contains many vowels (far more than English) that makes the pronounciation a little challenging. Thankfully I’ve managed to record the video of a visiting Thai teacher who taught us the Thai language to aid you to learn to read the vowels.

First, the picture of the vowels (as taken from the poster in Wat Chetawan)- click on the picture if you wish to enlarge:

The writing is as follows as per the arrangement on the poster:

_ะ     า    ิ    ึ
ึ    ื  ุ     ู
เ _ะ         เ _       แ_ะ          แ_
โ_ะ        โ_        เ_าะ         _อ
อัวะ     อัว       เอียะ   เอีย
เอือะ    เอือ   เออะ   เออ
อำ       ใ_      ไ_        เ_า
ฤ     ฤๅ   ฦ     ฦๅ

and the video to help you read is as follows:

Hope it helps- I will definitely refer to this often.

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