Kanchanapuri Floating Boat at Srinagarind Dam

One of my most memorable stay in nature is at on a boat house at a water reservoir located in Srinagarind Dam เขื่อนศรีนครินทร์ near Kanchanapuri กาญจนบุรี. As the area is a water reservoir or a dam, the water is more still unlike the waves in the ocean.

The place we went was Paepeetons Resort and Restaurant:

Paepeetons Resort and Restaurant แพพี่ต้น เขื่อนศรีนครินทร์ กาญจนบุรี

We went there by van and it was parked higher up. We then took the stairs down to the boat houses:

The structure you see above is a boat house. Meaning it fully floats and would be moved around using a speedboat.

Above: A small sized speedboat is able to drag the boathouse around. In fact, it can drag a few boathouses around.

Basically if you are staying overnight,  would be brought around the water reservoir via the boat. I think they went a full circle which covers a large area. Then they reached an island located in the middle of the reservoir and the staff would get down and tie the ropes of the boat towards a few trees to keep the boat stable and from moving around. The staff would then leave us to come back the next day for us.

We would then remain there overnight. The sleeping quarters is located upstairs:

The sleeping quarters is quite simple but comfortable. In fact, at night I did not sleep at the sleeping quarter. I went out and slept by the deck where I looked up to see the beautiful stars (it was a clear starry night) with calming sounds of water splashing gently on the boat. It was also windy and completely relaxing.

It does get a little cold after midnight with dew around the wee hours of the morning so I slept with a sleeping blanket and a shawl.

Overall if you are planning for such visits, it is more worthwhile to travel in a group as the cost would be lower. If not mistaken it cost between 8000 to 10000 baht per boat. So if you divide it with 10 people, the cost would be relatively inexpensive for such a pleasant experience with nature. You may choose to include or exclude dining costs in your stay. There is electricity, which runs using a generator.

Details of this place are as follows:

Website: www.paepeetons.com/ https://www.facebook.com/paepeetons
In Thai: แพพี่ต้น เขื่อนศรีนครินทร์ กาญจนบุรี
Contact: 081 856 9063 (or if call from overseas + 6681 856 9063)

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