Keropok lekor (fried fish paste fritters) in Thailand

I was visiting a local market and saw that they sell fried fish paste fritters, similar to keropok lekor in Malaysia.

The fried fish paste fritters are dipped in chili sauce. I missed it so much and could practically eat up the entire plate below:

Keropok lekor Thailand style

And what do you know, the frozen section in Makro sells these as well. Once you have this, you can just take out from the freezer and deep fried them whenever you feel like eating.

Keropok lekor Thailand style

This particular packet does not contain any English translation though.

Keropok lekor Thailand style

You can also keep a bottle of the Thai fried chicken dipping sauce which goes well with this keropok lekor.

Enjoy, whether you are getting them ready to eat directly from the market or buying and storing in the freezer.

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