Lay’s Potato Chips in Thailand- various flavors

Lays is sold in various flavors all around Thailand. If you want to check out most of the flavors available, you can visit any 7 Eleven convenience stores or Makro hypermarkets(buy in bu lk) where there are many many flavors of Lays being displayed. I am often amazed because I would always come across new flavors whenever I visit 7 Eleven.

Here is a short video on the various flavors:

And here are the close ups of the Lays:

The flavor collection was taken at a 7 Eleven store in Thailand.

BBQ flavor

Cheddar cheese flavor

Garlic bread flavor

2 in 1 grilled prawn in seafood sauce flavor

Charcoal grilled chicken in sumtum flavor

Original chips in Himalayan salt flavor

Mala barbique flavor

Lays Max crinkle cut

Lays Max crinkle cut

Lays Max crinkle cut

Mexican style BBQ flavor

Mieng kam krob ros flavor. Mieng kam is a traditional Thai dish

Nori seaweed flavor

Original flavor

Original flavor in crinkle cut form

Prik pao cheese flavor

Sour cream and onion flavor

Hot chili squid flavor

Truffle flavor

Do note that the above are not all the available flavors as there are often new flavors being introduced, and some flavors being retired. Lays in Thailand in incorporate local flavors into their potato chips, and some of these flavors like mieng kam would not be available on other countries.



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