Lay’s Thailand new flavours- salted eggs, Mieng Kam and 2 in 1

Updated January 2020:

I have noticed a new flavour recently in the Thai Lay’s flavours: Khua Kling Curry Pizza:

Lays Chua King flavor

I also included the Hot Chili squid flavour because I do not recall seeing this flavour previously being on sale.

Below is published in November 2019:

When a Singaporean friend of mine bought Irvin’s Salted Eggs potato chips from Singapore for us, the first thing that came across my mind when I eat it is ‘hmmm…. it tastes really like Lay’s chip, except that it is in salted egg flavour’.

Below is Irvin’s salted egg potato chips:

Irvin salted egg potato chips

Irvin salted egg potato chips

Then about 2 months back when I was in 7Eleven…. lo and behold…. Lay’s came out with the salted egg flavour. 7 Eleven tends to promote newly launched products. The Lay’s family pack (meaning bigger sized) is sold for 65 baht. I bought it because I was not sure if I could get them from Makro in bulk yet.

But recently, the Lay’s salted egg flavour is available in Makro and can be bought in bulk. Of course, the Irvin salted egg chips has a richer taste- more salted eggs went into the chips. The taste in Lay’s are not so heavy and I am also okay with it as well.

Then, my friend came back few days back with yet another 2 new flavours from Lay’s:

Mieng Kam Krob Ros flavour and 2in1 (prawn with seafood dipping sauce):

Lay's Thailand new flavours

Note: I also included the salted egg flavour as well on the far right as it is quite a new flavour.

Mieng Kam เมี่ยงคำ is a traditional Thai dish where there are a selection of ingredients of peanuts, lime, ginger, onion, dried coconut flakes and chili in a specific leaf, add the sauce and wrap the leaf to eat it.

Then for BBQ prawns, they are usually served with a sour chili dipping dish which Lay’s are trying to integrate in their new flavour as well. This is quite interesting.

Even though Lay’s is an international brand- they do have specific customization of flavours to cater for the local taste…. just like Pringles chips. If you want to buy back some editable souvenirs for your friends…. you can consider going to a hypermarket like Makro or BigC to buy back these snacks that are sold in bulk at a cheaper price. But since each country also have Lay’s- try to get flavours that is not available in your home country.

Note: For newly launched flavours, they are usually not immediately available in bulk pricing. Usually you can see the new flavours being sold in 7Eleven outlets.

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