Learn Thai language through listening to Thai songs with English lyrics

YouTube have some great resource to enable those who have some basic knowledge in Thai vocabulary to further improve Thai conversation skills.

Example are some songs listed here- Some I managed to find the translation.

Thai Songs

Bird Thongchai: Sabai Sabai

ชีวิตลิขิตเอง- I’ll Decide on my Life also by Bird Thongchai- one of my favourite Thai songs. Lyrics can be found on this page.

China Dolls- Muey Nee Kah หมวยนี่คะ (Single eyelid)

Note: The song is sung in a mixture of Mandarin and Thai language as the singers could also speak in Mandarin.

You can also search in YouTube for playlist of Thai songs with English subtitles. Many of the songs are quite meaningful and the video clips often tells a story.

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