The links marked in * are being directed to Shopee TH pages.

You may find some of links seemed not to be working. This happens only when you are using mobile to access. If you are accessing via desktop, there is no issue.

The reasons why the Shopee Link do not work:

1. You are accessing this link from another country other than Thailand via MOBILE
When you are accessing the links and it is detected that you are using a mobile device, there would be an attempt to redirect you to Shopee TH app. If you do not have that app, you would be prompted to download the app.

However, Shopee TH also locks its app by country. Meaning the settings of the Shopee app allows download in each of the country where the website is based in. For example, Shopee TH app is available for download from App store in Thailand. It is not available if you are accessing from another country. This is a measure to avoid people from accidentally downloading the wrong country Shopee app and then making a purchase but unable to receive them.

Solution: In this case, you would need to access from the official site at in your mobile phone browser order to view the items. Type in the name of the item which was indicated in the article in the search box.

Example, let’s say you are staying in Singapore and wish to buy a gift for a friend who is staying in Thailand. You may hit error when you are accessing the link from Singapore. All you need to do is to type in your mobile browser and then select the items that you wish to pay for and indicate the delivery address in Thailand (payment can be made via credit card). The items would then be delivered based on your specified address in Thailand.


2. You may be accessing from Thailand BUT your Playstore/apps store is with another country
If you have been previously staying in another country for a long time, you may have set up your Google Playstore or Apps store based on your previous country. So when you are in Thailand, the country where your Playstore is still pointed to the previous country. You would see the error message below when you try to access to the Shopee app “This Item Isn’t Available in Your Country” as shown below:

You have 2 options if you wish to make a purchase:

1. Change the country setting in your Playstore/Apps Store to “Thailand”
For Android, click on your Playstore App. Then on the “Account” at “Preferences” tab, you would see “Country and profiles” section where there would be a tick on the country where your Playstore app is based. For example, if you are previously from Singapore, you would find the country to be in “Singapore” if you have previously set the country to Singapore.

But your phone would be able to detect you are now in Thailand, hence you would be given an option to “Switch to Thailand Play Store”. When you select the option, you would also need to put in a new payment method (payment can be through mobile carrier, ie deduct from mobile bill, via credit/debit card or PayPal).

Important: Playstore allows you to change your country ONLY ONCE in every 365 days. So if you change, you may lose some settings or access from certain apps. Example you may have credits based on some games or apps you have previously downloaded but these apps may not be applicable in the current country. And you would not be allowed to change back to another country in less than 365 days. You may want to consider switching if you know you are going to be in Thailand for long term and are not using the apps in your previous country.

2. Download a Shopee home page screen where you can use your mobile to access.
You would be prompted to download a mobile home page screen in almost every click on make on Shopee site via mobile. You can download and have the icon saved on your phone which you can launch the next time you wish to go and make a purchase.

Why did I choose Shopee?

The pricing by Shopee is very competitive. Furthermore, a lot of the orders come with free delivery. When I ask around, it is also the preferred shopping platform for my Thai friends. In this blog, I have been writing about discoveries and products from the stores I have visit. With the global economic situation, it is no longer convenient to go out too much. It is safer and more convenient to shop online from home.

Do you know once I experienced something that I need clarification. I reached out to the Shopee TH App page in Facebook and send them a private message….in English, since my written Thai is limited. And you know what, I got a reply promptly in very good and clear English. The instructions were also clear. I am really impressed!

There are many more items available now that it did even a few years ago. A lot of the items that were not available in the past can be conveniently found in Shopee. Often buying from Shopee comes with more choices with cheaper pricing compared to shops (where you would spend money and time on petrol, parking and also face health risks of going out and about). If I am able to find a cheaper and more convenient source, I would want my visitors to benefit from them.

Do note that all most of the links pointing to Shopee TH website are affiliate links. I am glad because through affiliating with Shopee, I am able to provide value to my visitors and let them be aware of items, especially hard to find items that are available online.

When selecting which seller to link to, I would take time to study the reviews and comments as well as the number of items bought. Sometimes certain items have no purchase history, but are unique or something useful- then I would include it in the link.

That means when you click on the link, a cookie is planted in your browser. If you choose to make a purchase from the link, I would get a small commission out of it. Of course this helps me in terms of recurring hosting/software that I am paying to maintain this and all of my other sites.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you would be able to discover something useful from visiting my site. I do not make much from my blogs but being able to use my ability in writing to benefit others has been the main motivating factor that kept me being a blogger for more than 10 years.

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