Mikucha- delicious bubble tea and menu

Like many Malaysians, I love the bubble milk tea. When I came across the Mikucha bubble tea, I decided to give it a try. Below is the menu (you may click in the menu to enlarge to view the items and pricing): Mikucha Bubble Tea Thai

They have interesting variety of tea-  green tea, red tea, milk tea and matcha tea. These are available in fruit flavours such as grape, lychee, kiwi, passion fruit, blueberry, yoghurt, plum, pomegranate, strawberry, taro, coffee, apple, melon, banana, mocha, jasmine, etc.

But the one I could not resist is the brown sugar lava as seen in the picture below:

Mikucha Bubble Tea Thai


Mikucha Bubble Tea Thai

There is also whole grain vegan tea creamer tea for the health conscious and vegans.

Mikucha Bubble Tea Thai

I was served by a courteous staff when I ordered my brown sugar lava bubble milk tea. It costs 55 baht:

Mikucha Bubble Tea Thai

The taste….. so so delicious. If you love bubble milk tea and the Malaysian 3 layer milk tea– this cup carries the best combination of both. It tastes better than any bubble milk tea in Malaysia that I’ve had. But  I have to warn you, it is sweet so if you do not have such a sweet tooth, you can ask them to reduce the level of sweetness. For me, I have a sweet tooth so it is absolutely delicious. In fact, after I had this, I miss this drink for days. Well, till next time….

By the way, the Mikucha  Facebook page is https://web.facebook.com/MikuchaOffice/. Instagram: www.instagram.com/mikuchaofficial.

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