Miniature Handcrafted Noodle Stall sold at Chatuchak

Below is a nice stall selling dumplings and ‘siew mai’. Where you think the photo was taken?


Is the setting above nice? Complete with the coca cola fridge?


Actually if you were to look closely this is a miniature hand crafted stall. The noodles, meat, dumplings and pushcart are all handcrafted as miniature version. So well made that it looked so real.

The owner said she had bought it from Chactucak weekend market in Bangkok. In Chactucak, you can see lots of handicraft items being sold there. The weekend market itself is huge and if you are into shopping and exploring,  it can easily take you an entire day.


The Chatuchak Weekend Market,
Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road,
Chatuchak, Bangkok

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