Mobile Phone Keypad SMS in Thai language (non Smartphones)

With Smartphones, you need not worry about figuring out the mobile keypad.

However the info below is still applicable if you are using old fashioned Nokia, Sony…. ie the non Smartphones phones. The post below was

Here are the mobile phone keypad in Thai alphabets codes- useful when you need to send sms and not very familiar with Thai language:

On your mobile phone keypad, you have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, *, #

Here are the Thai alphabets you can find on each key (sorry, I have missed out some tone marks as it’s hard to read on the phone but all the consonants and most of the vowels are there):

1 <space> . , – ( ) : ; 1

2 ก ข ฃ ด ฅ ฆ ง จ ฉ ฃ  2
3 ช ซ ฌ ญ ฎ ฏ ฐ 3
4 ฑ ฒ ณ ค ต ถ ท 4
5 ธ น บ ป ผ ฝ พ 5
6 ฟ ภ ม ย ร ล ว 6
7 ศ ษ ส ห ฬ อ ฮ 7
8 อั อิ อี อึ อุ อู ะ 8 (ignore the as need to use it in order for the vowels to appear)
9 ๅ  ำ  เ แ โ ใ ไ ฯ 9
* * # @ $ ฿ ! ? ~ % ‘ ” ^ /
0 <some tone marks I was not sure off, sorry>, ถ ภ 0 /
# # ก บ ค

Word of advice: If your mobile phone keypad could switch to Thai language ( ไทฮ), before switching to the language, you need to write down the path to select back English language. Example: go to Menu 10> select no 2: Phone Settings> select No 5: Language> Select No. 1 English. Because if not, after you type your sms message, you may not be well versed enough to read the path back to English (happened to me once and took a while for me to switch back my phone language settings to English).

If you want to get sample message sms to send, go to this wonderful website:

You can use ‘wish’ or ‘happy new year’ as search words. There are nice phrase words you can type in your mobile phone to send.


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