Mooncakes Sold in Thailand

Mooncake Festival is celebrated in the Chinese community in Thailand. Overall it is celebrated in a smaller scale compared to in Malaysia and Thailand. As the festival nears, various retail outlets and markets would be selling mooncakes. As of now, 7 Eleven have already started selling mooncakes in their outlets.

The pictures below are of mooncakes being sold in Makro hypermarket. The photos were taken few years ago in year 2020 when I visited Makro on the day of the mooncake festival where there is already a markdown of prices in the mooncakes. I would like to share because these mooncakes would be available latest one month before the mooncake festival:

Mooncake comes in various flavors. The popular is the lotus, red and black bean paste. In terms of pricing, it is not way overpriced like the ones being sold in Malaysia or Singapore.

Traditionally, the Chinese community would purchase the mooncake to be used as gifts to elders, friends and relatives. Some traditional families would also have prayers done on the night itself, followed by eating mooncakes and with children playing with laterns.

As seen above, there would be a price markdown but retail stores nationwide on the day itself and few days after that. However, if it is to be purchased as a gift giving, we would need to buy few weeks before the festival.

I am amazed that there are some nicely designed boxes to place the mooncakes. Below are some of the designs…. again please forgive me for sharing older photos instead of current year’s one. I can only conclude that the designs would get better with each year.

Mooncake Boxes Designs:

Paper boxes but with Chinese inspired designs and of Chinese maidens:

Steel and paper boxes:

Mooncake box with Chinese maiden design:

Chinese themed designs:

To those celebrating, here’s wishing you Happy Mooncake Festival.

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