Napa Bhupa- small little accommodation in the highlands of Chiang Mai

During one of our road trips in North of Thailand, we find this simple place called Napa Bhupa ไร่นภภูผา located in the highlands of Chiang Mai. It is indeed not a place that you can access through public transport.

I made the trip in December hence during that time, the weather is very cooling and the plants bloom. From February to June, it is the dry season so the trees would dry up and do not look as lush as this:

Napa Bhupa ไร่นภภูผา accomodation Thailand

I really admire the Thai people for their creativity. Even though this place is in the middle of nowhere, there are still people coming to stay and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Napa Bhupa overlook the hills. Their lodging area contains wooden houses with attap leaves, good for those who wish for a retreat in natural surroundings.

Napa Bhupa ไร่นภภูผา accomodation Thailand


Below is the entrance to the washrooms where the top is open space concept where you can see the sky from inside.

There is a small store selling fruit juice and the cafeteria which served a good cup of coffee and hot meals.

Some of the staff there could also converse in English so we were able to order drinks on our own. We did not stay at the place as it was a stop for us while we go back to Chiang Mai.

Napa Bhupa ไร่นภภูผา stay in Thailand
Moo 10 203, Tambon Samoeng Tai, Amphoe Samoeng, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50250, Thailand
Tel: +66 53 378 414



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