Outdoor stone tables and seats with creative designs

It is quite common when going around you would see outdoor stone tables and stools that comes in interesting designs.

Usually I would see those that are painted in watermelon design as showm below:

Outdoor Stone tables and chairs

But they also have the checkerboard (where you can play chess on it) and other designs.

Outdoor Stone tables and chairs

I’ve noticed a shop that sells such stools with other designs such as a bus or cars which appeal to young children. These are suitable to be placed at child daycare centres, schools and kindergartens.

Outdoor Stone tables and chairs

Aside from that, you can also find accompanying flower pot designs that matches the shape of the table and seats.

various flower pots design in Thailand

I find that Thai people are very creative in terms of designs. With their creativity, often they are able to set up establishments with nice and peaceful ambience, often on limited budget.

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