Paintings Showing How Hell Looks Like

When you visit certain Thai temples, you may find there are paintings showing how hell looks like from the Buddhist cosmology. Most religion have a representation believe in heaven and hell. Here’s the Buddhist version:

Painting of hell in Buddhist cosmology

Those who are being reborn in hell due to past bad deeds. Here, the records of what they’ve done on earth were read out to them and they’re told to give their defence. In Buddhism, there are 6 realms of rebirth that any being can be born into according to their kamma (results of their deeds):

  • Devas/deities in Heaven
  • Human
  • Asura (demon gods)
  • Animals
  • Hungry ghost
  • Hell

(Note: More scary paintings coming up- so if you do not wish to see, please don’t read further.)

Painting of hell in Buddhist cosmology

Above: Melted copper are poured into the mouth- not sure for what punishment.

Painting of hell in Buddhist cosmology

Above: The tongue is pulled out- as a punishment for those who always lied in their past human life.

Painting of hell in Buddhist cosmology

Above: They are made to climb trees of sharp steel. Below the tree, the hell hounds are waiting. Above, the vultures are waiting. If they don’t move, they are being poked by a weapon.

Painting of hell in Buddhist cosmology

Above: The being is being sawed- usually for inflicting bodily harm towards others while alive. And each time after being sawed till he/she passed out, the being will wake up, with body intact and again being sawed till their bad kamma expires.

Painting of hell in Buddhist cosmology

Above: Those being punished take the form of animal heads- possibly because they have been killing a lot of animals in their past life. After punishment, these beings would likely to be reborned as animals until the full extend of their bad kamma (as the result of killing) has been exhausted.

I’ve meet people, including Westerners, whom through the results of their meditation could see other realms of rebirth. Some claimed to have travelled to heaven, as well as hells. And according to them, the sight in hell and the punishment endured scared them so much that they do not want to commit any evil deed for fear of consequences.

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