Planner addicts: where to buy planners and supplies in Thailand

In Thailand, there is a huge variety of planners, organizers, notebooks and planner supplies available for the planner addict. Often the prices are much more affordable because in Thailand,  it is not the trend to spend lots of money on planning and its supplies- therefore if the items are priced too high, literally no one would be buying it.

Therefore if you are a planner addict who cannot live without your planner and supplies…. and you are visiting Thailand, don’t worry. You need not haul in your entire planner supplies because you can find these items if you know where to look.

If you wish to look for planners, organizers, supplies like stickers, post-it pads and pens, you would be able to find these supplies at larger bookstores like B2S. Usually such bookstores can be found at most Central shopping mall:

Planner addicts supply in Thailand

There are large and smaller B2S bookstores. The larger ones would carry a huge variety of planners as you can see in the pictures in this article. For about 150 baht, you can already get a reasonable organizer. Usually refills for these organizers are also being sold. The planners/ organizers are more formal and businesslike in their design. You would not be able to find decorative planners of brands such as Erin Condren, Happy or Passion planner being sold in the bookstore.

Planner addicts supply in Thailand

You can also find matching bank book, luggage tags and passport holders sold as well.

Planner addicts supply in Thailand

During end/ beginning of each year you would be able to find dated diaries, planners and organizers being sold as well. However the photos in this post are taken in the middle of the year so the planners, notebooks and organizers being sold are mostly undated ones.

Planner addicts supply in Thailand

B2S also sells cute stationery where you can use as part of your planning supplies such as clips and post-its.

Planner addicts supply in Thailand

Below are stickers and post-its that can be used to decorate the planners:

Planner addicts supply in Thailand

And finally, huge huge selection of pens that you can choose from…. in the B2S bookstore that I visited, there are few aisles of what you see below where pens of various brands and colour hues are being sold:

Planner addicts supply in Thailand pens

Personally I am not into planner decoration- I have a more plain and simple planner which I often write using a pencil because I find it easier if I need to move the dates or change the details. Still, I love looking at the planners, its supplies, decorations and coloured pens and if I do come across such stores, I really cannot wait to share with you.

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