Planners and notebooks sold at MrDIY Thailand

I am very happy to see a MrDIY store in Thailand. Back in Malaysia, I was a fan and frequent visitor of MrDIY where I was able to get a lot of items for my car, kitchen, storage, notebooks and stationeries at a very reasonable price.

Recently I visited MrDIY in Thailand and head on to their stationery section. I’ve always love the selection of notebooks and planners that are sold in MrDIY. I am happy to see that similar notebooks are being sold here even though some have slightly different designs:

You may click on the planner pictures below to enlarge the photo and view the pricing of the items:

Planners, organizers and notebooks from MrDIY

Why I love their notebooks and planners is because to me, the books are functional. For example, towards the end of the year, they would come out with their diary. You may read in another blog of mine on my experience in using a MrDIY diary for planning my daily schedule, to-dos, appointments, expenses and even grocery list.

A MrDIY notebook, similar to what you see below is used by me as a blog progress journal. Basically I use it as a blogger to record down the trials I did on my blogs, step by step processes (for example on starting a blog) and how to use certain complicated plugins or applications. The book is now towards the end of its pages and it is time to get another book.

It would cost about 115 baht in Thailand (but I had bought it from Malaysia years ago for RM8.50) but I find the notebooks feels comfortable to hold and write, as well as affordable.

Planners, organizers and notebooks from MrDIY

Aside from the more formal looking books, there are also the more cuter version which would appeal for the younger folks or the creative at heart. The size of the book is comfortable enough to fit into a handbag or a carry on bag.

Planners, organizers and notebooks from MrDIY

Below are their notebooks- about 100 pages that retails for 15 baht. There are a number of different designs:

Planners, organizers and notebooks from MrDIY

I don’t know why but I love these books. They are A5 in size and light. I constantly carry one in my bag and have it with me wherever I go to jot down ideas (example blog post ideas), valuable lessons, brief to-dos and even grocery lists sometimes. I prefer to write things down in a single book rather than scraps of paper that could easily get lost. To me, these books are just the right size, feel and texture and inexpensive:

MrDIY notebooks

There are also sticky notes and memo pads that are being sold in MrDIY- for those who like to use sticky notes in their planners as well as all over the place…

stickers and memo pads from MrDIY

And MrDIY also sells stickers…. which planner addicts can use to decorate their planners or simply to buy for kids. Even though their selection is not huge, but the pricing is again relatively inexpensive.

Stickers sold in MrDIY Thailand

If you plan to visit MrDIY, you can check out their outlets in Thailand here:

Line: @mrdiythailand

Do note that Line app is extremely popular in Thailand, much more than Whatapps.

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