Porto Chino shopping and 24 hours food court

Porto Chino is located along the Rama II expressway/ highway 35. It houses many restaurants, eateries and a food court. It also have a co-working place where you can rent meeting rooms or just hang out to do your work (an increasingly popular concept for those working from homes and digital nomads).

Porto Chino Samut Sakhon

Porto Chino Samut Sakhon

There is a lot of variety of food available for lunch and dinner.

Porto Chino Samut Sakhon

However if you wish to get something to eat at the odd hours, say 2am, there is a 24 hour food court called Food Port available:

Porto Chino Samut Sakhon 24 hours food court

The setting and ambiance is clean and comfortable. We came to eat in the food court once after we arrived from the airport and have some Malaysia guests over.

Porto Chino Samut Sakhon

Basically even though my guests could not converse in Thai, it is quite easy to order food in the food court. They went around and surveyed the available choices…

Porto Chino Samut Sakhon

Above is the food court setting. And came back with their favourite dishes:

Khao kha moo (pork leg rice)


Porto Chino Samut Sakhon

Cannot resist taking picture of these coloured eggs:

Porto Chino Samut Sakhon

At the back of the food court you have a space where it is rented out to merchants. There is also a Daiso and SE-ED bookstore.

Aside from that, Porto Chino also have business such as co-working space (useful for digital nomads and solopreneurs), pet grooming shop and a number of popular as well as fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Starbucks and MK. Most of their business are opened from 10am to 10pm with exception of the Food Park which is opened 24 hours a day.

Address and contact details:

Porto Chino
99/120 Moo 4, Thailand Route 35, Mueang Samut Sakhon District, Samut Sakhon 74000
Website: http://www.portochino.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/portochinomall/

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