Pratunam Market ประตูน้ำ in Bangkok

If you are looking for hotel locations, I would strongly suggest that you try to find a hotel in Pratunam ประตูน้ำ area. This is because by staying at a hotel near there, there are lots of shopping places you can visit within walking distance… such as Siam Paragon, Central World Plaza and Platinum Mall. You also can walk through the Pratunam market.

Located right opposite Platinum Mall, you can enter Pratunam market via the small roads in between the shophouses.

From there, you can walk through the small alleys where there are a lot of shops. These shops may tend to sell lower quality mass produced items compared to other suppliers. However, you may be able to find a few shops selling beading supplies…. if you love beading and craft work, you may also try to look through these shops which may sell items at a lower price.

Pratunam Market in Bangkok

Once you come out of any of the smaller alleys, you would see an even larger area whereby there are also man other retail and wholesale shops selling anything like clothes and bags.

Pratunam Market in Bangkok

The entire area is fully abuzz with activity, from day to night. At night, there are night markets across few streets. Some of my friends had rented hotels here so that they get to enjoy full shopping within walking distance.

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