Platinum Mall Bangkok แพลตทินัม- creative clothes, custom jewelry, bags and so much more

If you want to see lots of variety, visit Platinum Mall in Bangkok. This mall is located within walking distance from Central World Plaza and Siam Paragon. Therefore you can easily access to the mall from taking a train that shops at Siam Paragon.

All types of items are sold there- clothes of various designs, creative boutiques, assessories, evening dresses, etc. This is one of my favourite malls in Bangkok.

Platinum Mall located at Bangkok

Note: Most malls would start to deteriorate once they start to sell low quality mass made items. However for Platinum Mall, you would notice that most of their stores still continue to sell unique quality items.

Here’s some shops in Platinum Mall:

Inside Platinum Mall Bangkok

Platinum Mall- tote bags with magazine cover design

I really love the idea of having magazine covers on bags/tote bags.

Platinum Mall has better quality items – hence if you wish to source for clothing supplies or buying clothings which is cheaper if you buy in bulk… you can consider shopping there. A number of my friends went there and ended up buying their favourite designs in different colours from Platinum Mall.

Do note that Platinum Mall closes earlier than most other malls... even though the official hours states as 8pm, by after 7pm many storeowners would start packing and closing up. Go early…. and after you finish shopping at Platinum Mall, you can then visit their night stalls located around Pratunam area.

Address of Platinum Mall:

644/3 Phetchaburi Rd,
Thanon Phetchaburi,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Operating hours: 8am to 8pm

Their website: 

Another mall located opposite:

Pratunam Mall is another shopping complex in Bangkok central- but business there does not look that good. Still, I managed to buy a handbag there then for my mom.

Pratunam Mall located at Bangkok district

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