Purple Cup, Planners & Stationeries that Inspire Me- Purple Edition

In life, there is no need to buy fancy and expensive things to inspire and feel happy. In Thailand, it is easy to find adorable and cute items that come in any of your favourite colors. Purple is one of my favourite colors and I’ve simple items that comes in either purple hues or are pastels containing tones of purple.

Most of the items are made in Thailand but some items that I got from the 20 baht store are usually from China. Here are some of the items I wish to share with you….

I  came across the cup sold by a store that sells things for 20 baht. The water cup is currently in my room next to my water jug so that I would have the habit to drink more water. The cheeky expression in the cup perfectly expresses what I sometimes feel when I am able to find the humor and happiness in little things in life.

Below are three pastel purple spiral notebooks with a whimsical unicorn design (about A4 size):

These notebooks were gifted to me from a friend and I love all the three designs.

Each of the book actually cost 20 baht and was bought from a small, quite hidden stationery store located in a small town.

Below is a holder that I bought from another provision shop located in the hospital. I use it when I am doing my writing or planning on my bed or other non desk surfaces. When I first go to the pharmacy, there were a few of the purple clip holders with also in other colours and design. I bought only one and the next week when I went back hoping to buy the other two designs in purple, they were sold already.

The notebook comes in single lined pages. While the cover is very nice and gives me a whimsical feeling, the paper quality is not really good as understandably the book cost only 20 baht  which is less than 60 cents in USD.

However, I find one advantage about writing on not so good paper quality is that we would tend to explore and write more when the inspiration and idea hits us. Whereas, if the book is made using prestine paper, we may tend to think carefully before writing, and would want to write slowly with nice handwriting. With these frixion, we may end up not using the books.

I find with this book, I would write whenever I wish to do my planning or I have some content ideas but I am not able to work on them yet. I would not mind if my writing is chicken scratch, which it often is. Hence I realize that sometimes the beauty of the cover trumphs the quality of the paper when it comes to certain notebooks. I am still halfway through the notebook above and once I finished the book, I would be using the other two below:

After sometime, I may repurpose the cover by using it as either a bookmark on active notebooks I am using or as a cover for another notebook because I really like these whimsical unicorn designs and never get tired of looking at these books.

I also have a simple A5 monthly spread colors that comes in purple hues. For this book, I primary use it as my content and social media scheduler. For example, I tend to do create my Pinterest pins in advance and schedule them…. and I would list down the pins and the title based on the day that I schedule them for publishing. If there are blog posts or videso that I either schedule or have published, I would also write down on the corresponding dates. This enables me to see at a glance what are the content that I have done or have mapped out.


I have implemented this method since last year and it has been working very well.  I find it much easier to just grab the book and open it and flip through the content calendar. As I have written down these things myself, I tend to remember them. Also when I cannot remember how far ahead I have scheduled the content, I just open and is able to see immediately and pick up where I have left off.

In my experience it is much better than to use a digital app where it can be overwhelming ….. and the main danger is when we use digital planning systems, we tend to be easily distracted because when we fire up the app, we may be distracted by other notification. Even if we have notification turned off on our phone, we may still notice other apps and the next thing we know, we have wasted 30 minutes scrolling through social media.

I also have another similar A5 size book like the above. They are so useful hence I decided to have two of these books this year and likely in future years as well. The other book I initially I had planned to use it just for planning content, ie planning but not yet published. Then I find it not so practical because when I plan content, I also sometimes draft outlines and there is not enough space to write on it. So now, I use the monthly spreads to just write down a brief summary of the highlights of  the day or important things that I have done. Sometimes when I skip a few days and there are some empty boxes, and I am in the mood to write more, I would use the empty dates for a little journalling- which I like to write on preprinted cute design pages (as I not really into washi tapes and always reluctant to use my stickers). Another thing is because the boxes are small and do not feel intimidating, I ended up using the book frequently.

Next below are some notebooks, a kind of like composition notebook type. These books are available widely in Thailand, in fact I have started buying books like these in the past when I visit Thailand mainly for journalling. Below are three books in paste hues that I managed to find. These books were tucked in a corner of a very small and obscure grocery and provision shop. I was walking around the shop and the owner actually bought like a pack of these books but it was stacked below some very plain notebooks.


When I saw this, I know I had to buy them to keep as it is not always I could find designs I like since I do not go out much. The paper quality is surprisingly good and the cover is a kind of glossy type that can resist a little bit of water.

If you are visiting Thailand, you can find these kind of books sold at the stationery section in BigC. Or sometimes when you explore a little you can find some nice designs from small shops – as I have bought these kind of notebooks from old shops located near Khao San and some small towns in Thailand. Surprisingly I do not see these kind of books being sold in stores like B2S or SE-ED as they tend to have more expensive notebooks.

You can also find these books sold in packs in some Makro hypermarkets- if you wish to buy them in bulk.

Above is an open page which is similar to a composition notebook. Featurinng my purple pens collection…. I also tend to buy pens with purple outer designs and keep them (they are usually in blue ink though).

Below are 2 notebooks, again in purple hues. The photo actually not really do it justice as the actual books are in very pleasant tones of purple. In the first book, I kinda fell in love with the soft purple colour pastel cover when I first saw the book B2S bookstore. There was only this one book left and obviously many other people had liked the book and I could see the cover was a little smudged due to presumably dirty fingers that touches it. It was actually a planner with monthly spreads and multiple notes page.

Sigh, I don’t understand why some people are not considerate when visiting stationery or bookstores and touch items with their dirty and oily fingers. I always would wash my hands in the washroom to make sure it is clean before visiting any bookstores, gift stores and any type of stores.

Because of the slightly dirty cover, I hesitated to buy the book when I first saw it. But after I went back, not sure why I kept thinking about the book. Finally in my next visit to that mall, I went back to the B2S store to check if the book it is still there. Sometimes, I believe what is meant for us would be there waiting for us. Haha so the book is still there, and I paid for it (I think it cost about 200 baht or something like that) and took it home. I cleaned the cover.

This was a few years ago. Because I just love the cover, what I do is when the book inside the cover is filled out, I would go and buy another notebook with soft cover to insert inside the cover of this book. I usually get the ‘replacement’ notebooks from Lotus stationery section as they have one kind of notebook about A5 size that comes in good quality paper and sold for about 149 baht. I’ve written another post about how I repurpose the covers of my favourite planners.  Now I use the book to sometimes make detailed planning related to my blog like monthly content ideas and also tables of blog maintenance and list of things I need to do from time to time like update plugins and specific usage of certain tags and categories.

The second book is more of a notebook for a quick scribble of ideas and to jot down some ad hoc stuff on the go as I do not like to write on scrap or rough paper as the information may go missing. I usually would have book where I jot down misc items.  The cover in purple with the word 2021 embossed in it because it was the year I bought it. I got it from one of my visit to a 20 baht store where fortunately during that visit they happened to have some nice notebooks in purple cover.

In the past when I make Youtube videos where I do the voice over, I have the tendency to ramble off topic so what I would do is to write the outline in the book and then refer to it when recording my voice. This would cut down the time I need to spend editing the video due to mistakes and the erm, ah sounds that I always tend to make when I am trying to think of what to say.

Below: A4 sized thin Double A notebooks.

Double A is quite a popular brand of good quality photocopy paper sold in Thailand and Malaysia. They also come up with these thin exercise books with good paper quality like how they are known for. These notebooks come in plain colours and we got the brown and the purple ones. The purple books actually I got it from Office Mate where I bought a few to keep. The brown ones are bought in packs from Makro hypermarket.

Below is also a nice spiral notebook which I got from the 20 baht store. The cover is very nice with the design in complimentary colour hues (the actual book is actually quite purplish). And again as expected, the quality of the paper is not so good. But again, if the cover is nice, and the paper is not prestine, I would tend to write more because I am not worry about making mistakes.


When writing on my planners, especially when first trying out new ideas, I would use erasable pens. I have bought a number of erasable pens in the past and so far, I find the Pilot Frixon pens to be the best. They are reliable and last long time compared to other generic brands. I’ve had an easier set of Frixion pens from Malaysia which I took over to Thailand and the ink had already finished after few years of use. The set below is bought from B2S store which during beginning of the year there was some sale so it cost about 85 baht for one. The unicorn pencil case is bought for about 25 baht from the provision shop in hospital which I find matches the whimsical unicorn notebooks above.

Some colour pencils and a special case to store them were gifted to me. I have many colours which I sometimes use to colour to highlight something in my planner. I have in many different colours but the ones below contains purple shades:

For last picture below, these are purple face towels. I use it for my mom to wipe her face or place on top of her blouse to keep her warm because sometimes she may move off the blanket. Actually these towels can be use to dry hands, to place on the table to as a lining as well. I just love them because they are teddy bears in a purple colour cloth. Again, the photos does not do them justice….in real life the towels look really nice and they are both in purple shades. I got both of these again from the provision shop in the hospital where my mom go to.


When I first saw the face towels, they come in assorted colours of teddy bear designs in apple greem, yellow, etc. The purple ones above still got a few pieces left. When I go back the following week, the purple ones were all gone, left with one or two teddy bear designs in other colours. Then after about a month, a  totally new set of plain designs replaces the set of teddy bear theme towels.

Somehow, the storeowner seemed to like purple too as she would usually have some items in purple. And my guest is a number of patrons are like me who love purple because her purple stuff always got sold out quickly. The shop sells some face towels mainly for caregivers to use for their loved ones who are hospitalized because if one is staying in a common ward, they need to bring their own towel and soap for use so towels are often ‘hot items’ that get snagged out pretty quickly.  The towels are inexpensive…the small ones cost 10 baht and bigger ones like below cost between 20 to 25 baht. I think I paid 25 baht each for them and these towels can be used for a long time.  In the photo below, these towels have been through many daily washes because I interchange them each day for my mom. Yet the colour have yet to fade and the towels are still in good condition.

Well, these are the stories behind the inexpensive purple treasures that I have managed to buy. Hope the story behind them and a brief description of how I use them did not bore you to tears.

There are other items I have which are also purple like 90 percent of the cloth hangers in my cupboard and many other towels and wash cloths as well as storage baskets to organize my items.  I’ll probably cover those items in another post.

Hence, we do not need expensive items. If there is a special colour you like, you can just keep an eye out and buy when you see that it comes in design you like. The items I got above are relatively inexpensive but I have either active use for them or they can last a long time.

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