Beating Bangkok’s traffic jam by travelling in a river taxi

River taxis in Bangkok going at river behind Siam Paragon and Platinum Mall

River taxis is one of the mode of transportation in Bangkok. You have to be careful though when getting on the river taxis because it will move before your feet is on the boat or before it is out- if you are not fast enough and took your own sweet time. Travelling using a river taxi is relatively cheap and cuts across traffic jams.

Also, you may get some water splurged on you if you happen to be sitting near the edge of the river taxi.

One downside is that most of the operators only converse in Thai- so if you wish to explore, you may wish to sign language to the operator that you want to pay to the last station so that you can choose to get down on any station that you want.

You need to remember the location where you got up from the taxi so that you can return to the correct location. If all fails, always, always have your hotel or guest house’s namecard with you so that you know how to go back. It is really easy to get lost in Bangkok.

Note: The river taxi is NOT the same as the Chao Phraya express which operates from the large Chao Phraya rivers. Instead, this river taxis are run by small operators catering mainly for locals.

I took the river taxi from the bridge reaching Platinum mall located behind Siam Paragon and Central World Plaza. And I stopped halfway when I saw a nice temple by the river.

Travelling in river taxi in Bangkok

Place of travel from river taxi

river taxi adventure

I went into the temple above and explored the place before coming out and taking another river taxi back to Siam Paragon area.

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