Roasted young coconut drink- delicious

Usually on a hot day, we would want to enjoy a refreshing coconut drink. However, some people who love coconut water may not be able to consume too much as it may cause dizziness due to the nature of the fruit which is cooling.

The cooling effect are very much reduced after the coconut is roasted or barbequed over the fire:

Roasted or burnt coconut drink in Thailand

I find that there is a difference between consuming coconut water and flesh that have been roasted versus those which has not been roasted.

The weather in Thailand can be very hot with temperatures reaching to 39 degrees at times during the hot season. Between a can of iced Coke or chilled roasted coconut drink, I would opt for the natural sweetness of coconut water and finish up all its flesh.

If you buy from smaller villages in Thailand, one roasted coconut cost about 25 baht.

Next time you see burnt coconut on sale, why not give it a try 🙂

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