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BigC have 2 versions- one is the BigC Supercenter and another is mini Big C. The mini Big C stores are smaller versions- usually occupying about 2 shoplots with lesser selection of items. Whereas BigC Supercenters are hypermarkets which occupies a building with various other retailers and a food court.

For BigC Supercenter, the hypermarket itself would usually be located upstairs which you can go via the escalator. Downstairs would be the food court, cafes, bookstores, banks, small stalls selling various items, etc. This is the setup I have seen so far of all the BigC Supercenters that I have visited (I have been to various BigC located at North, Northeast and Central Thailand).

In this article we would talk about shopping for clothings/ attire from BigC Supercenter:

Big C in Thailand

BigC Supercenter (again not the mini BigC) sells a huge variety of items from fresh produce, groceries, clothings, baby products, household items, electrical, stationeries, etc. But what I notice is that these centers tend to dedicate a large portion of their spacing for clothes- men clothings, ladies wear and baby clothings.

Big C in Thailand clothings

If you are the type who like to shop at air conditioned places and to be able to spend ages without sales person bothering you, and like to try on clothings at your own leisure, then you may want to check out BigC. You may visit BigC already to buy some food or items that you may need like toiletries, snack food, ready-made meals, can food, bread, etc.

Big C in Thailand handbags

Usually BigC is not crowded on weekdays and you can scroll and you can scroll by yourself without being pestered by sales assistants. I do not usually see the touristy Tshirt like “I love Bangkok”. It is more of the kind of clothings that you could probably find at WalMart- the affordable range that hypermarket tends to carry. Quality is usually better than the Tshirt sold in markets.

Big C in Thailand clothes

Above are handbags, caps, hats and stockings. Some prefer to use caps and hats to shield themselves from the hot weather in Thailand. There are also carry on bags, backpacks and trolley bags available.

Big C in Thailand- wacoal bras

They do have a section where they sell underwear that includes budget brands as well as Wacoal bras. If you are buying bras I do recommend the Wacoal brand as they are made in Thailand and are of good quality. In Thailand and Malaysia, Wacoal is very expensive. Some of my Singaporean friends would buy Wacoal bras when they are visiting Thailand.

Big C in Thailand- mens wear

Above are the Men’s attire section. A lot of TShirts available and the pricing is not to steep. In Thailand when you buy Tshirts off the street or markets, sometimes the colour runs during washing. Here, I could see the quality is better.

Big C in Thailand- ladies wear

Above are the ladies wear- on the casual wear section of jeans and Tshirt. They also have blouses for office and casual wear.

You can check out their outlets listing from their corporate website here:

You would see a listing of different type of BigC. To ensure you do not go to the wrong type of BigC based on their directory listing,  here are the differences as I understand it:

1. BigC Supercenter
Store location:
It occupies a building of its own with the BigC hypermarket located upstairs and various retailers and food court downstairs (what is described in this article). It has the essential of what a family need- dining places, certain banks, food court and mini stalls. Then upstairs is where they are able to buy groceries and items that they need.

2. BigC Extra
Store location:
More of offering of premium and imported products. If you are a foreigner staying long term in Thailand, you may be able to find items from your home country being imported and sold here.

3. BigC Market
Store location:
Usually located at smaller areas and the stores are smaller. The BigC Market sells fresh items like fruits, vegetables and meat similar to what you can find in a market. Also it has electrical products and household items.

4. BigC Foodplace
It is opened 24 hours a day and as the name suggest, it is focused on selling food. You can find fresh food, ready to eat meals of both local and imported products here. Dining area is available.

5. mini BigC
Store location:
These are like small convenience and grocery stores. There are larger variety of items available compared to 7Eleven. The setup is similar to CJ. I usually see the mini BigC all over the places amongst shoplots. Useful if you just wish to grab some items quickly, pay and exit. There are not much of variety because the focus is to have essential daily use products.

Shopping online via BigC website:

BigC also have online shopping available via their website If you are accessing from your mobile phone, you would be prompted to select the language either in English or Thai. When you select English, the vital information such as product description and ordering process will be in English. Look out for the Promotion> Super Save tab where some items are on offer.

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