Survanabhumi airport after Security and Immigration check-in

When I fly back from Thailand, I usually fly from Survanabhumi airport. Survanabhumi is large and world class airport. If you wish to board a flight from Bangkok, please, I beg you please leave early- because the jam in Bangkok can be unpredictable. You do not want to miss your flight because you are stuck [...]

Don Meung airport- parking and eating places

Don Meung (also spelled as Don Mueang) airport has undergo extensive renovation where there is another new terminal (terminal 2). If you are early and want to look for a peaceful place to walk around, do head on to the new terminal: The airport is so much brighter and no longer gloomy. The upper floors [...]

Where to get good books to learn Thai and dictionary

Having lived in Thailand for sometime, I find the best books that teaches us about the Thai language and good Thai dictionaries can be found in the following places: Hualampong train station in Bangkok (there are a few bookstore near the waiting area- good Thai language books are available there) Some bookstores that also sell [...]

Food and water in Chiang Mai International Airport

The 7 Eleven stores scattered almost everywhere in Thailand would be a good place to get some nice bread for you to take to the airport for you to eat if you are budget conscious of the price of food in the airport. Usually in Chiang Mai airport, I would have my meal at Black Canyon Coffee- [...]

How to order food when you can’t speak Thai

When I first started to travel to Thailand alone, ordering food was a challenge- probably because I was a new and shy traveller. Years ago, before the airport shifted from Don Meung to Suvarnabhumi airport, I arrived Bangkok alone before transiting to other towns. And I seldom ate from Don Meung because I found the [...]