Crafts and artists in Amphawa floating market in Thailand

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

If you are a crafter or artist at heart, you would like the Amphawa floating market which is located about 1.5 hours from Bangkok in Thailand. The floating market has expanded tremendously over the years….stretching further into the shops and walkways. It is also a place for artists, crafters and creative entrepreneurs to showcase their [...]

Art Gallery of Vinit Jittana (talented and generous artist)

Vinit Jittana the artist in Amphawa floating market

Tucked along one of the sidelanes of the Amphawa floating market facing the river there is an art gallery by the artist Vinit Jittana. The artist himself was painting in the gallery when we entered the gallery. He looked up as I was about to take his photo, gave me a smile and continued on [...]

Beautiful wall art in Survanabhumi airport

Recently while travelling to Survanabhumi airport in Bangkok, I am amazed at display of wall art depicting the heavens. It is even more elaborate at the luggage collection section (after going through Immigration) where the art occupies the entire wall: Most of the art is based on the theme of heavenly abodes and guardians. The [...]